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Books on Perros

El Perro de Agua Español

Una Raza Autóctona a Conservar

by Cecilio José Barba Capote and Baldomero Moreno-Arroyo (1997)

ISBN: 84-922496-3-3

Taal / language: Spaans/ Spanish


El nuevo libro del Perro de Agua Español

By Josefina Gómez-Toldrà

ISBN: 84-305-8288-6

Taal / language: Spaans/ Spanish


El Perro de Agua Español

Der Spanische Wasserhund

By Astrid Fuchs - kennel Aguas Aribas

Taal / Language: Duits / German


A kennel Club book; Spanish Water dog

Special rare-breed edition; A comprehensive owner's Guide

By Christina Désarnaud (2003)

ISBN: 1-59378-344-2

Taal / Language: Engels/ English


Perro de Agua Español

by C. Desarnaud

ISBN 9788425515668

Taal / language: Engels/ English

Perro de Agua Español

By Gunilla Torenfält-Fasth (2002)

Kennel Aqualines

Taal / Language: Zweeds/ Swedish


The Spanish Water Dog Book

By Di Williamson and Wanda Sooby


Taal / Language: Engels/ English



Spanish Waterdog on the popular Dutch TV program 'Kopspijkers'

Spanish Waterdog Carda was together with her master Emmie invited at the weekly TV-show of Jack Spijkerman for the item Dogstars the rivals

With the link underneath you can watch the scene



For more information on Carda, follow this link




Spanish Waterdog movies on You Tube

On the website of kennel Del Alto Norte a selection is made of some movies of Spanish Waterdogs on You Tube





Article of the socialisation of Pedro, Spanish Waterdog in Denmark



In this article the socialisation of the dog is written. It says it is important for the puppy to meet other dogs.

Pedro Fehaér Masco is taken as a good example..