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Who am I? Why the Perro de Agua Español?

Who am I?

Hello visitor of this website. First of all, I will introduce myself. I am Arjen Brouwer and also the proud owner of two Perros de Agua Español (or Spanish Waterdogs). From the first moment I met the Spanish Waterdog, I was completely done for. On the picture below, you can see me and one of my perros, Antonio.

During my study of Animal Management at the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden (Holland), I met Rolf. He was at that moment the owner of these first perros I met. Together, we started a Spanish Waterdog kennel in 1998. After a while, Lotte joined us. Very soon, we had several Spanish Waterdogs and we bred our first litter in 1999. We bred  with Perros from different bloodlines from Spain, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

In 2006, we went all our own paths. Me and my dogs started in a new city. Rolf and Lotte have started on their own with the Spanish Waterdogs aswell. Links to their kennel websites you can find at the links on this website.

Dito, together with his master on the Winner dogshow Amsterdam 2011.

Why the Perro de Agua Español?

What attracts me so much in the Spanish Waterdog, was the enormous many-sidedness of the breed. They can be used for almost every task or job, as can be seen on this website. Besides of this, the Spanish Waterdog is a very calm, friendly and sweet breed. Playing with fellow dogs or the boss is one of their favourite actions. The intelligence of the breed is sometimes astonishing. They learn extremely fast, and can use their intelligence to fool their boss very often. But, their favourite place to be when in house is on or besides their boss. In exterior, the Perro de Agua Español is also very many-sided. All kinds of colours and all kinds of spotted dogs can occur within the breed. This makes it very pleasant to watch groups of Perros play or walk. 

Typical for the description of the character of this breed, I found in an old description of dog breeds. The Dutch scientist Houttuyn in 1761 made an inventory of the dog breeds, inspired by the Swedish scientist and naturalist Carolus Linnaeus and his classificationsystem of the plants and animals in 'Systema Naturae' of 1735. This Houttuyn devided the dog breeds into 11 classes. "The fith specie is the 'curly dog or the waterdog' with long, cuyrly hair that looks like the coat of a sheep. This is the most teachable and loyal of all. It is named a 'waterdog' because of 'the willingness to go into the water'. " (source: translation from: Hond en baas; een geschiedenis van haat en liefde, of  J. Zijlmans)

During my study I have done much research on the Spanish Waterdog. This research concerned literature research, inbreeding research, an inventory of the Dutch bred dogs, several population simulations and recommendations for the Central Breeding Policy of the Dutch Kennelclub. Thanks to this research, I was able to collect many data of the Spanish Waterdog. Also I joined two courses of study, 'dog-knowledge 1 and 2' at the Dutch Kennelclub.

Sharing  information that is available was my goal to build this website. Creating a way for anyone who's interested in the Spanish Waterdog, to find information of the breed, the health, the behaviour, the breeders etcetera.

I hope that the one, who is reading this at this moment, will have a lot of pleasure reading or visiting this website and I hope you can find the information you requested. If not, don't hesitate to send me an email with your question. Send this to perro@spaansewaterhond.info

With nice regards,