Antonio en Dickie




Birth announcement


Pedigree of Bemilena

Antonio swimming

Antonio and Dickie in the canoe


Antonio on the obstacle course

Dickie and Antonio on the obstacle course



My first spanish Waterdog was Antonio. together with his brother Dickie (dennis) they were my first meeting with the Perro de Agua Español.


In 1998-1999 I have met my two first perros. Dickie as a puppy of 8 weeks old.

Antonio, his brother a few weeks later at his breeder.



 I met Dickie and Antonio when they were about eight weeks old. Together, they were a couple that can make you laugh and cry both. 
To my great disappointment, Antonio has died in November 2007. Dickie died in April 2011. I miss them very much.
Antonio was a great example for the breed 'Spanish Waterdog', both in exterior, his great character as in his working abilities.
After Antonio died, Bemilena came to me. togewther with Dickie, who were good comapny together. I knew Bemilena from her puppy time. We have imported her from Spain in 1999.
After Dickie passed away, i went to Spain and gathered Dito. Dito and Bemilena were together at my place for 2,5 years. Bemilena became ill in November 2013 and passed away short after.



Dickie and Toni are born on 27th of November 1998 at the Kaayk family in Nieuwe Pekela (The Netherlands). On the newspaper item this 'special'  moment for the Spanish Waterdog in the Netherlands was made history.

 Six puppies for rasta dogs, Newspaper of the north, 1998 (translated from the Dutch newspaper item)

It is almost impossible to see what's the front of these dogs, with all that hair of motherdog Nela and father dog Cole. Their six puppies were born last week. Mrs Kaaijk from Boven Pekela, the Netherlands, is the proud owner of these specially broomed dog family. their brooming shows similarity with the special hair broom of Ruud Gullit. These very young puppies are belonging to the breed ' Perro de Agua Español' or Spanish Waterdog. According to mrs Kaayk, this breed is very rare in the Netherlands. This on the contrary to Spain, where these dogs are common seen. he dogs are intelligent and eager to learn. In Spain, the waterdogs are feared by drugs smugglers because at the Spanish police, these dogs have got a fine reputation as drug dogs.

© Bert Wieringa, 1998


Their father is Colirrojo del Marismeño and their mother is Cabrera de Ubrique


Pictures of Antonio









Pictures of Dickie






These two gentlemen are dog all-rouders, they like to please their master by working/ playing very hard and good.

It doesn't matter if it is in the water or at land.

Underneath, I have put some pictures of Dickie en Antonio while working/ playing.



The first photo's are from Antonio retrieving a ball from the Canal next to my house.

1 2









By canoe

Antonio and Dickie are also very fond of making trips in the canoe.

Nice trips over the water and sometimes a dive in the water to cool down.


Obstacle course 1

In 2005 we build an obstacle course at our kennel Fehaér Masco.

 Dickie en Antonio going over the obstacle course with a lot of pleasure.


Obstacle course 2

 In the summer of 2000 had a kind of obstacle course at our kennel Fehaér Masco.

Dickie and Antonio then already showed how to do it.




Bemilena de JMacelia



Bemilena is born on 24 December 1999 at José Garcia of kennel JMacelia in Spain.

Her father is Torito de Ubrique, her mother is Besi. Bemilena. Bemilena has had few litters with beautiful puppies, some of them grow out to be champion dogs in the Netherlands and abroad.
There are duaghters and sons of Bemilena in Finland, Sweden, Germany and of course in the Netherlands.
Her daughters Mercedes and Dineke turn out very beautiful waterdogs.

Bemilena died after almost 14 years. She was a fantastic sweet little bitch. Alway happy, playing, with her tennis ball. She played for hours with her ball.
Sometimes, she was a bit afraid of strange people. A known problem at many peeros. When you kenw her better, and she knew you, she was the best.

Bemilena de JMacelia, born on Christmas day, 24 December 1999, died 24 November 2013.